channel selection in ft_preproccesing does not update elec field

Henning Holle h.holle at SUSSEX.AC.UK
Mon Mar 29 14:23:03 CEST 2010

Hello Nathan,

thank you for your response. I have created an average for three 3
electrodes of interest (Fz, Cz, Pz). When I try to plot it, like so

cfg = [];
cfg.showlabels = 'yes'; 
cfg.fontsize = 6; 
multiplotER(cfg, avg_STD); 

the electrodes are not in the layout I would have expected (see attachment).
What is causing this behavior?

This are my electrode positions, if this information helps:

>> avg_STD.elec.pnt(strmatch('Fz',avg_STD.elec.label),:)

ans =

         0    8.6070    5.8872

>> avg_STD.elec.pnt(strmatch('Cz',avg_STD.elec.label),:)

ans =

         0         0    8.5313

>> avg_STD.elec.pnt(strmatch('Pz',avg_STD.elec.label),:)

ans =

         0   -5.6243    7.1065

Best wishes


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