clusterstats empty cfg.neighbours, cfg.neighbours example

Andrea Ostendorf aostendorf at BESA.DE
Thu Mar 4 11:27:33 CET 2010

Dear Roemer,

regarding your reply to Chetan's question / observation: Can I ask you
whether what I currently do is correct?
I have got time-frequency data, which I sometimes want to cluster over
channels or not. So I do the following

o) do the modification you recommended to Chetan
      channeighbstructmat = makechanneighbstructmat(cfg);
  	issource = 0;
	(commented out the surrounding lines)
o) edit
o) if clustering over channels is desired:
	edit cfg.neighbourdist and cfg.minnbchan
   else (no clustering over channels or if channels are averaged):
	cfg.neighbours = {}

This works and there is a marked difference whether I cluster over channels
or not.
I am just not sure whether it is correct.
Thanks a lot for your help so far!

All the best

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