channel selection in ft_preproccesing does not update elec field

Henning Holle h.holle at SUSSEX.AC.UK
Sun Mar 28 17:02:40 CEST 2010

Dear list members,

In a call to ft_precessing, I have selected a number of interesting channels
for further analysis

cfg = [];     = {'Fz', 'Cz', 'Pz'};
data_eeg        = ft_preprocessing(cfg,data_tmp);

After this call, the data_eeg.label is updated, and now contains only these
three channels. However, data_eeg.elec does not seem to be updated, and is
still containing all original channels (which causes problems later on when
I try to plot the results). Shouldn't ft_preprocessing also update the
data_eeg.elec field?

Best wishes,


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