Induced activity

Bobby Stojanoski stojanoski at UTSC.UTORONTO.CA
Thu Mar 25 18:33:14 CET 2010

Dear Fieldtrippers,

I am a relatively new user of fieldtrip and am very impressed!

I am interested in comparing differences at certain frequencies – induced
40-100 Hz – between 2 experimental conditions.  My understanding was that I
can calculate induced activity in the gamma range by calculating the power
for each trial (subject average -- freqanalysis) and then averaging across
subjects (grand average -- freqdescriptives/freqgrandaverage).

To my dismay, when I plotted the results of my grandaverage I found a band
of power at 55 - 65 Hz for the entire duration of my epoch. I should add
this was not the case when I plotted power across trials for each

Earlier discussions mention computing induced+evoked (using freqanalysis and
freqgrandaverage) and subtracting that from evoked (using
timelockanalysis+freqanalysis) to get extract induced only activity.
However, later posts suggest that this is not a valid approach.

1. Where have I made my mistake?

2. If ((induced+evoked)-evoked)) is not valid, what is the correct approach
to calculating induced activity at 40 - 100 Hz?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Bobby Stojanoski

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