artifact rejection of continuous data in fieldtrip

Henning Holle h.holle at SUSSEX.AC.UK
Thu Mar 18 18:58:55 CET 2010

Dear list members,

I have a more general question about how continuous data is treated in
fieldtrip. After playing around with the package for a bit, I noticed
that although using continuous data is in principle supported, sooner or
later one always runs into a dead-end, because most functions assume
that trials are defined very early on in the processing tree (i.e., they
don't work without a cfg.trl present). For instance, most artifact
rejection functions seem to work only on epoched data.

I have used EEProbe previously, and what I quite liked about that
program was that is was possible to do artifact rejection once for the
continuous data set, and subsequently one was free to define trials
however one wanted to. In contrast, in fieldtrip one is forced to do a
new artifact rejection (which is very time-consuming!), when one chooses
to analyse the ERPs time-locked to a different event. Or am I missing
something here?

Is there a possibility to do an artifact rejction before the data is cut
into epochs?

Best wishes


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