Questions on High pass filter and Padding in Preprocessing

gao zai zaifengg at GMAIL.COM
Fri Mar 12 11:07:48 CET 2010

Dear all,

I am now working on the MEG data in 4D format. Since it was collected in DC,
so I want to first use a bandpass filter [0.1 80] to filter my data.
However, I found that the latter part of averaged results drifted away
relative to the  results when no filter or only a low-pass filter is used
(see the attached Fig.1). I thought it may be related to the end effect, so
I used cfg.padding=1, it didn't work. Latter I turned to use cfg.padding=10
(1/.1=10) it works and no obvious drift was found.

However, when tried to only apply a high pass filter to the raw data,
regardless of using cfg.padding=10, the results always showed a square wave
(see Fig.2). And there is a warning:"Matrix is close to singular or badly
scaled. Results may be inaccurate. RCOND = 6.669292e-17."I don't understand
why this happened. Does anybody know what is the problem with it? How can I
get a right result in this case? Thank you very much.

The script I used:
cfg.dataset ='c,rfDC';
cfg.trialdef.eventtype  = 'TRIGGER';
cfg.trialdef.eventvalue =42;
cfg.trialdef.prestim    = 1;
cfg.trialdef.poststim   = 1.5;
cfg.trialdef.offset     = 1;
cfg.trialfun            = 'mytrialfun';
cfg = definetrial(cfg);

%for band pass
%cfg.bpfreq=[0.1 80];


%for hp filter
cfg.hpfilter='yes';    %high pass filter
cfg.hpfreq=0.1;         %cutoff

cfg.blc = 'yes'; %baseline correct
cfg.blcwindow  = [-0.30 -0.10];{'MEG'};
[data] = preprocessing(cfg);


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