Problem with Fieldtrip conversion

Michael Wibral michael.wibral at WEB.DE
Fri Mar 5 15:59:39 CET 2010

Dear FT/SPM Listusers,

I am having a (hopefully) trivial problem with converting Fieldtrip MEG data structures to spm8.
Here's what I did:

0. Patch spm8 to r3684
1. Load the Fieldtrip data from /path/filename. They contain a variable (FTstruct) named DataFT.
2. Call spm_eeg_ft2spm(DataFT, '/path/filename')

The error I get is: 

checkmeeg: no channel type, assigning default
checkmeeg: no units, assigning default
checkmeeg: transform type missing, assigning default
checkmeeg: data scale missing, assigning default

??? Undefined function or method 'fname' for input arguments of type 'struct'. 
Error in ==> file_array.subsref>access_fields at 129         case 'fname',      t = fname(obj);

Error in ==> file_array.subsref at 17         varargout = access_fields(obj,subs);

Error in ==> checkmeeg at 203     if ~isa(, 'file_array') || isempty(fileparts( ...

Error in ==> meeg.meeg at 109         [OK D] = checkmeeg(varargin{1}, 'basic');

Error in ==> spm_eeg_ft2spm at 138 D = meeg(D);  

Any help is very much appreciated.


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