some small modifications to singleplotER

Mark Drakesmith mark.drakesmith at POSTGRAD.MANCHESTER.AC.UK
Wed Mar 3 14:44:23 CET 2010


I have been fiddling about with the singleplotER function a little bit
to try and make it better suited to my needs. I have made a couple of
minor modifications which i think would be useful.

Firstly, in interactive mode, I have added support for doing topoplots
when multiple datasets are have been plotted. I have also added a way of
converting the singleplotER's cfg.maskparamater into highlighted sensors
in the topoplot.

Secondly, I added a little extra bit for plotting the standard error
around the ERPs. It calculates standard error from the data.var field
and then plots it around the ERP as an area plot. This can be turned on
using: 'cfg.plotstderr = 'yes'. I have added an example of what this
looks like with 2 ERPs. It can look a little busy if plotting more than
3 ERPs on the same plot.

I'd be happy for these modifications to be included in fieldtrip release
and if any one has any suggestions for improving them i would welcome
them. I've labelled all my additions as 'MD MODIFIED'.

Many thanks



Mark Drakesmith
PhD Student

Neuroscience and Aphasia Research Unit (NARU)
University of Manchester

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