Andrea Ostendorf aostendorf at BESA.DE
Mon Jun 21 08:21:27 CEST 2010

Dear Roemer,

Thanks a lot. I discussed this topic some months ago with Robert and he
suggested that he/the Fieldtrip team could modify the code along the
following lines (I copy this from his e-mail because I think he will not
mind this)
- - - - -
I suggest to modify the low level code into two helper functions
(findcluster_chanlevel and findcluster_sourcelevel), which both should check
like this

if hastoolbox('image', 1)
  % using image processing toolbox
  my_bwlabeln = @bwlabeln;
elseif hastoolbox('spm8', 1)
  % using spm8 version
 my_bwlabeln = @spm8_bwlabeln;
- - - -

I have got SPM8 on my Matlab path and whenever I download a new Fieldtrip
version, I have to edit clusterstat and findcluster because it is (or was)
not sufficient to simply replace bwlabeln by spm_bwlabel. What I did is
probably rather inelegant but I left it that way since it works:

In findcluster:
%  [labelmat(spatdimlev, :, :), num] = bwlabeln(reshape(onoff(spatdimlev, :,
:), nfreq, ntime), 4);
input_for_spm_bwlabel = reshape(onoff(spatdimlev, :, :), nfreq, ntime);
input_for_spm_bwlabel = +input_for_spm_bwlabel; %convert from logical
[labelmat(spatdimlev, :, :), num] = spm_bwlabel(input_for_spm_bwlabel , 6);

In clusterstat:
%!!!posclusobs = bwlabeln(tmp, conndef(length(cfg.dim),'min'));
[posclusobs,L] = spm_bwlabel(tmp, 6);

Sorry for the late answer.
By the way, I have got into trouble at work because we have a betting game
going on and I predicted the Netherlands as the winner (not that I know
anything about football but I chose the Netherlands because the Fieldtrip
team is so nice)...

All the best

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