Export EEG Data

Matthias C. Meyer Matthias.Meyer at DONDERS.RU.NL
Fri Jun 25 11:24:04 CEST 2010

Dear ft_Community,

I am quite new to Fieldtrip and hope that someone has solved my problem
I recorded EEG data inside an MR Scanner with the BrainVision software
and now I want to use Fieldtrip to run some error correction scripts -
so far so god.
But after that I need to write the corrected data back to the original
EEG - data format.
I use the ft_write_data function to do this. After some problems I
manage to run the function, but the result is a double size datafile, a
messed up header and a empty marker file.
Probably the data is written in double precision. Giving the data to the
function with "single(data_org.trial{1})" in the argument does not help.
The command line I use to call the function is:
ft_write_data('ScannerCor', data_org.trial{1}, 'dataformat',
'brainvision_eeg','header', data_org.hdr);

(I copied the corrected data back to the read in matrix)

I heard already, that I can tell Matlab to use only single precision,
but it would be nice to tell that the function directly - Is there a way
to do so?
What do I need to do, to export the header and marker file correctly?

The corrected data are exactly of the same size as the original data, if
possible, I might also use the original marker file to get the trigger

I hope some one can help me.

Best regards,


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