Thanks / warning in ft_topoplotER

Andrea Ostendorf aostendorf at BESA.DE
Tue Jan 19 18:51:43 CET 2010

Dear Roemer, dear Jan-Mathijs,

Thanks for your quick answers! Sorry for getting back so late.

Dear Jan-Mathijs, thanks for the comment on the symbolic links. My
colleagues and I, as well as other BESA users, use Windows at work so it
would be nice to get news on your proposed OS-independent solution.

Dear Roemer, yes, I was referring to ft_topoplotER. I forgot to mention this
although I was aware of the fact. Thanks for the explanations!

I am a bit confused because I still end up with the same warning (line 214
of ft_topoplotER) even if I use
cfg.highlightchannel  = 'all'; (or a numerical index vector)
cfg.highlight = 'on';

I used the same setting (with different data) for both ft_topoplotTFR and
ft_clusterplot. Both call topoplotER, although the call looks a bit
There is no problem in the case of ft_topoplotTFR. If I modify
cfg.highlightchannel, I see a change.
When using ft_clusterplot with this same setting, the significant channels
appear to be highlighted but I observe no change upon modification of
cfg.highlightchannel, and I get the warning in ft_topoplotER (line 214).
On debugging, I see that the lines below l.606 in ft_topoplotER
("if ~strcmp(cfg.marker,'off')") are carried out only in my call of

Have I done anything wrong, or are the settings treated differently by both

Have a nice evening! And thanks a lot to both of you!
All the best

> 2) ft_clusterplot: Since cfg.highlight has changed, I keep getting a
> warning
> although I have now switched the setting to cfg.highlight = 'on'. Is there
> a
> possibility to implement something like the following example (taken from
> the tutorial on cluster-based permutation tests on event-related fields)?
> It looks as if you are referring to ft_topoplotER and not
> ft_clusterplot. If that assumption is correct, than you can definitely
> use something like:
> cfg.highlight = find (pos_int==1|neg_int==-1);
> However, cfg.highlight would then need to be changed into
> cfg.highlightchannel. In the new highlighting configuration,
> cfg.highlight is used to determine highlighting-method (like 'on',
> 'labels', 'numbers'), while cfg.highlightchannel is meant to indicate
> which channels your actually want to highlight. This can be a numerical
> index vector (like above), channel-labels, channel-labels with wildcards
> and anything else ft_channelselection can take as input.
> The tutorial on the wiki hasn't been updated yet to reflect the changes
> to topoplotER (I'll do that soon), but the following should work:
> cfg.highlight            = 'on';
> cfg.highlightchannel = find (pos_int==1|neg_int==-1);
> (using all the defaults this should mark every channel in
> cfg.highlightchannel with a '*' and every other channel with a 'o')
> Hope this helps!
> Best,
> Roemer

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