Questions on scalp current density (SCD) for MEG data

gao zai zaifengg at GMAIL.COM
Sun Jan 3 14:50:17 CET 2010

Hi there,

I am now trying to check the scalp current density (SCD) on my MEG data by
Fieldtrip. And we find  a script named scalpcurrentdensity in the Fieldtrip
However, this script only fits for EEG data, which is claimed clearly in the
script. So I wonder whether I can use SCD for MEG data? And more
specifically, if I
can check the SCD on the MEG data by using the current script in Fieldtrip,
what kind of change should I do to the scalpcurrentdensity script (currently
I just change the
parameters 'ismeg' as 'yes', it also runs for MEG data, but I am not sure
whether it is right)?

Thanks a lot!

Zaifeng Gao
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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