Coherence MEG

Paul Sowman psowman at MACCS.MQ.EDU.AU
Fri Feb 12 04:44:35 CET 2010

Hi, I'm trying to perform coherence analysis on a data set with 2 channels
(source waveforms). I have followed the tute example. All is fine with the
frequency analysis however when I attempt the coherence using:

cfg            = [];
cfg.method     = 'coh';
cfg.channelcmb = {'all' 'all'};
fd             = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg, freq);

I get:

averaging crsspctrm over rpt
removing dimension rpt from crsspctrm

??? Undefined function or variable "siz".

Error in ==> ft_connectivityanalysis>coupling_corr at 485
n = siz(1);

Error in ==> ft_connectivityanalysis at 188
  [datout, varout, nrpt] = coupling_corr(tmpcfg, data.(inparam), hasrpt,
hasjack);I get:

Any ideas on where I am going wrong?

Regards, Paul

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