reading mri from ASA format

Jean-Michel Badier jean-michel.badier at UNIVMED.FR
Tue Feb 2 14:43:46 CET 2010

Dear all,

As a quite new user of fieldtrip I found that it is possible to read mri
stored with ASA mri format. 
Two points :
1.It seems that the routine read_asa_mri will only read mri stored in uint8
data format for each voxel. Unfortunately ASA also stores the data on unit16
format. I have changed the code of the routine and it seems that the mri can
be correctly read. I did not go further (model generation for localization
for instance) and I do not know yet the eventual consequence of the change
in the code.
Note that there are two keywords in the ASA mri header “BytesPerPixel” (1 or
2 in my examples) and PixelDataType (unsigned in y examples) that should
help to correctly read the files.
2.As a ASA user I already have the segmentation done by this commercial
software. Is there any way to retrieve directly the segmentation that have
been already made? The segmentation file is read by the read_asa_mri but it
is not use in the read_mri program that call it.
Thanks a lot


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