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Hi Kambiz,

Probably you should consider to use cfg.alpha and cfg.clusteralpha =  
0.025 if you test two sided (cfg.tail and cfg.clustertail=0). Doing  
so, will give you a the p values of 0.05 alltogether.



El 15/12/2010, a las 16:52, Tavabi, Kambiz escribió:

> Greetings Fieldstrippers - Would someone savvy in cluster  
> permutation testing kindly take a look at the attached plots.  
> Briefly, Top left upper & lower panels are conditional grand  
> averaged (n=10), time-frequency representation (TFR) of single  
> virtual electrode. The TFR shows %change in power relative to  
> baseline (i.e., baseline corrected power spectrum). The top right  
> panel is the p-value map of sample-wise paired t-testing (two- 
> tailed) of the data.
> To deal with the multiple comparison problem, I used  
> ft_freqstatistics to carryout out permuation tests on the source  
> space time-frequency representations from my virtual sensors (2), as  
> such the statistics were done without cfg.minnbchan and  
> cfg.neighbours=[ ]. Testing was done on the time-frequency bins  
> throughout the epochs of wide band data (i.e., no averaging over  
> frequencies).
> In the attached file the bottom panel is the plot of the permutation  
> result for the same data and channel in the grand averages. As per  
> advice from other fieldtrip users I created the plot by:
> stat.stat2=stat.stat.*(stat.posclusterlabelmat == 1);
> cfg.zparam='stat2';
> ft_singleplotTFR(cfg, stat);
> When I use ft_clusterplot(cfg, stat); for obvious reasons I get the  
> following error. As I have no apriori freqs interval of interest I  
> am not sure how to get around this.:
> ??? Error using ==> ft_clusterplot at 75
> stat contains multiple frequencies which is not allowed because it  
> should be
> averaged over frequencies
> My problem with the results in the attachment is that in the grand  
> averages there is an obvious event related desynchrony (cold colors,  
> negative values) difference between 0.4-0.8sec; 10-40hz which  
> somehow doesn't get picked up, but the small blip of noise/event- 
> related synchrony (hot colors, positive values) c. 0.5sec at 50Hz is  
> revealed as different between conditions by the permutations! To  
> carry out the permutations I used
> cfg.method           = 'montecarlo';
> cfg.statistic        = 'depsamplesT';
> cfg.correctm         = 'cluster';
> cfg.clusteralpha     = 0.05;
> cfg.clusterstatistic = 'maxsum';
> cfg.neighbours       = [ ];
> cfg.tail             = 0;
> cfg.clustertail      = 0;
> cfg.alpha            = 0.05;
> cfg.numrandomization = 500;
> So I presume that the result is not due to a signs (pos/neg values)  
> issue, if I am using a two-tailed test. Changing cfg.tail &  
> cfg.clustertail to 1 makes little to no difference, and a value of  
> -1 results in errors. Basically, I'd appreciate if someone, based on  
> what is observable in the grand averages, could confirm that the  
> permutation result makes sense? And if not then some advice on what  
> I am doing wrong. Thank you. -Kambiz
> -K.
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