Upcoming BESA Workshop prior to HBM in Barcelona

Karsten Hoechstetter khoechstetter at BESA.DE
Thu Apr 29 17:06:45 CEST 2010

Dear colleagues,


I would like to inform you that a 2-day BESA Research workshop will be held
in Barcelona/Spain on June 4-5, prior to the HBM conference.


The workshop provides a thorough introduction to BESA Research, the widely
used software for comprehensive EEG/MEG data analysis. The new version, BESA
Research 5.3, features a direct MATLAB interface that e.g. allows for direct
data transfer from BESA to Fieldtrip.


The workshop includes both lectures and practical hands-on sessions. Target
group are both novices and existing BESA users.


Covered topics will include:

-          A theoretical introduction to source analysis

-          Hands-on source analysis with simulated and real data sets

-          Data preprocessing in BESA Research: Artifact rejection and
correction, channel interpolation, digital filtering, 3D mapping,
remontaging, averaging

-          Coregistration with (f)MRI

-          Time-frequency analysis and source coherence

-          Beamforming

-          3D volume imaging: CLARA, LORETA, sLORETA, minimum norm etc.

-          MATLAB Interface

-          Batch scripting


Additional BESA Research workshops will be held in London (Sep. 9-10) and
San Diego (most likely Nov. 11-12, prior to the SFN conference).


For more information, schedule, and registration, please visit the BESA
website at www.besa.de/events/workshops. If you have any further questions,
please contact workshop at besa.de. I would be glad to see you on one of these


Best wishes,

Karsten Hoechstetter




Dr. Karsten Hoechstetter

MEGIS Software GmbH

Gräfelfing, Germany

HRB München 109956

CEO Dr. Michael Scherg



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