redefinetrial_offset option

Natalia Grion grion at SISSA.IT
Fri Apr 16 13:09:28 CEST 2010

Hi all,
         When inspecting in detail "redefinetrial" function I found a
striking point, I think there is an error on the code that could
be easily solved but maybe i'm missing something:
 My trials are of fixed length: they go from -3sec to +3sec with 1 trigger
event as t=0. I want to realign the trials to a new (sub)event, so I
defined offset as: Nxsamples relative to t=0. For each trial, offset has
different signs as the event happened either before trigger event
(-#samples) or after it (+#samples).
In the code: when having for example -51 (samples relative to trigger)
data.time is shifted to the left, and this would be correct. But when
correcting "trial definition" this offset is summed to trl(:,3); the point
is: my trl(:,3) is negative since is indicating  that the trial begins
before the trigger, (-)6009 +(-51) results in shifting the offset of
trigger to the right which is not the case: (possible solution:
abs(trl(:,3))+(-51).). Then: trl(:,1),trl(:,2) correction is omitted, why?
as "event" changed, shouldn't beg and ensample follow this change?
sticking to +/-3sec defined as star/end of trial? In fact, data.time was
shift. In the rest of the code i don't see any line related to this
 Any help will be welcome!

elseif ~isempty(cfg.offset)
% shift the time axis from each trial
offset = cfg.offset(:);
  if length(cfg.offset)==1
    offset = repmat(offset, Ntrial, 1);
  for i=1:Ntrial
    data.time{i} = data.time{i} + offset(i)/data.fsample;

  % also correct the trial definition
  if ~isempty(trl)
    trl(:,3) = trl(:,3) + offset;

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