ft_sourceinterpolate needs ft_convert_units?

MARUYAMA Masaki INSERM masaki.maruyama at CEA.FR
Thu Apr 15 10:39:26 CEST 2010




>>From the last version of fieldtrip, ft_sourceinterpolate does not work
since it cannot find ft_convert_units. I think ft_convert_units is a new
function, and it has not implemented yet in Fieldtrip. Could you please
check this issue?  I attached an error message when I run



the input is source data with 90364 positions

??? Undefined function or method 'ft_convert_units' for input arguments
of type 'struct'.

Error in ==> checkdata at 340

    data = ft_convert_units(data);

Error in ==> ft_sourceinterpolate at 60

functional = checkdata(functional, 'datatype', 'volume', 'inside',
'logical', 'feedback', 'yes', 'hasunits', 'yes');

Error in ==> Neurospin_SourceLevelAnalysis_V4 at 442

            source_int =





By the way, I have corrected the unit of positions manually (cm-->mm),
such as "source_ind_temp.pos = source_ind_temp.pos*10" before the
interpolation. I'm afraid that my method may become incorrect after the
new version, since the new function seems to scale the unit
automatically. I would appreciate if you could give me an advice.



With best regards,

Masaki Maruyama 


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