Questions on sourceinterpolate after the sourcestatistics

gao zai zaifengg at GMAIL.COM
Mon Apr 12 15:55:22 CEST 2010

Dear all,

I am now working on the sourcestatistics of the LCMV beamfomer. After
finished the volumenormalisation, sourcegrandaverage and sourcestatistics,
now I want to plot the t-values to the anatomical MRI. However, when I run
the ft_sourceinterpolate (codes see below), I wait for hours and response
with the matlab informing that "reslicing and interpolating
negclusterslabelmat "
%%statistics on the grandaverage
cfg.dim         = gs42.dim;
cfg.parameter   = 'nai';
cfg.method      = 'montecarlo';
cfg.statistic   = 'depsamplesT';
cfg.correctm    = 'cluster';
cfg.numrandomization = 100;
cfg.alpha       = 0.05;
cfg.tail        = 0;

nsubj=length(gs42.trial);,:) = [ones(1,nsubj) ones(1,nsubj)*2];,:) = [1:nsubj 1:nsubj];

cfg.ivar        = 1; % row of design matrix that contains independent
variable (the conditrions)
cfg.uvar        = 2; % row of design matrix that contains subjects number-2

stat = sourcestatistics(cfg, gs42,gs50);

sMRI = read_mri(fullfile(spm('dir'), 'canonical', 'single_subj_T1.nii'));
cfg = [];
cfg.downsample = 2;
cfg.parameter = 'all';
statplot = ft_sourceinterpolate(cfg, stat, sMRI);

Does anybody how to deal with it? Thanks a lot in advance.


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