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Wed Apr 7 15:58:20 CEST 2010

Dear list members,

I am trying to calculate the statistics for four groups in a resting state condition.
The problem is that mask and statmask do not match the plotted statistics (see attached figure, topoplotTFR with zparam='stat', zparam='mask', zparam='statmask'). At this point the groups only consist of 8 participants per group and I am now wondering, whether the problem is caused by the low group size or a failure in the skript (I apologize for the quantity of code, but I followed the tutorial very closely and couldn't find an error so far):

cfg.method    = 'montecarlo';   = myChannels;
cfg.statistic = 'indepsamplesF';
cfg.correctm  = 'fdr';
cfg.numrandomization = 1000;
cfg.tail = 0;
cfg.alpha = 0.05;
cfg.avgoverfreq = 'no';
cfg.avgovertime = 'yes';

design = [1:groupSize 1:groupSize 1:groupSize 1:groupSize];
design(2,:) = [ones(1,groupSize) 2*ones(1,groupSize) 3*ones(1,groupSize) 4*ones(1,groupSize)];;
cfg.uvar = 1;
cfg.ivar = 2;

cfg.frequency   = [40 180];
statisticsGamma = freqstatistics(cfg,group1avg,group2avg,group3avg,group4avg);


Thanks and best regards
Patricia Wollstadt
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