Failure of recognizing 32-bit NeuroScan data

Dan Zhang zd8472 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 7 15:59:02 CEST 2010


I've encountered a problem of loading the 32-bit NeuroScan data into

After one day debugging, I found out that the data was wrongly recognized as
16bit, which made all the things in the wrong place. I manually made some
changes in several m-files to make it work for my current dataset by
assigning all the processing in a 32-bit way, which cannot be the final

Anyone tell me how to automatically recognize the version of the data? Then
I can try to fix this bug.

Yet here is another small problem: the imported NeuroScan data may not be
with the correct unit (e.g. uV). I know the loadcnt() function can be evoked
with 'scale' = 'on', but it seemed that this parameter was not used in the
current version of FiledTrip.

Best regards,

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