EEG forward modelling using BEM

Fabio Meneghini fab.meneghini at GMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 15 23:41:36 CEST 2009

Hi to all,
Please help me, it took me a lot of trials and troubles to avoid
annoying people with (possibly) trivial issues....but eventually I
don't know what else remains to try...
I'm new using FieldTrip, and I'm mainly interested in computing the
EEG forward model on a standard MNI head model  (MNI152, the one you
can find in FSL software package), using BEM algorithm on 3, or better
4 surfaces.
First of all: has anyone ever done this before? If so, this might save
me a lot of hard times...

I read the the tutorial about building BEM meshes models, but let's
suppose I already have my model segmentation image (182x217x182
voxels, filled with integers numbers). Can I start from that, ignoring
the original MRI images?

I got my eeg channels coordinates. Are they supposed to be expressed
in mm, rather than meters? What is the origin of the coordinates
intended to be? And what about the conductivities of the various
compartments? where can I set them?

Waiting for some light in the dark, thank you for your attention.


Fabio Meneghini

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