artifact rejection with limited time period

Akiko Ikkai akiko at NYU.EDU
Sun Nov 8 20:30:35 CET 2009


I'm looking for a way to run rejectvisual on specific time periods without cropping the epochs. We are
working on intracranial EEG data, with eye movement parameters (x,y, pupil) added from the eye
tracker. Subjects make eye movements to target in the periphery. Our epoch is between [-1.0 2.5]
around the onset of the response phase, where subjects are instructed to make eye movements
(usually eye movements are detected around .25 to .35 after the onset of the response phase).

I'd like to reject trials where subjects made wrong/unnecessary eye movements during the response

Currently, I'm running
cfg = [];
cfg.alim = 6e3;
cfg.method = 'channel';
good = rejectvisual(cfg.ft_data);

to visualize eye channels, but I'd like to limit the display only to [0 1.5] around the response phase
(eye movements during intertrial interval is not much of a problem for now). I don't think it's a good
idea to trim data only to this period, considering I'd like to run ERP and TFR on this data.

So, is there any commands I can add to limit the display time periods in rejectvisual, but at the end of
the day, I can still keep the intact epochs?

Thanks in advance! Akiko

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