TFR plot uneven y-axis spacing

Julian Keil julian.keil at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 26 09:51:37 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,

I performed a TFR-analysis with unevenly spaced frequency steps
Now, when I try to plot the results with multiplotTFR, I get the
warning, that (one of the axis) is/are not evenly spaced. Nonetheless,
the multiplotTFR works fine.

The Probem arises, when I try to select single (or a number) of
sensors to be plotted. I then get the following error message:

??? Attempted to access c(22,1); index out of bounds because

Error in ==> uimage at 128
             ce(j,i) = c(indi(end), indj(end));

Error in ==> uimagesc at 50
     hh = uimage(varargin{:},'CDataMapping','scaled');

Error in ==> singleplotTFR at 282
h = uimagesc(data.(cfg.xparam)(xidc), data.(cfg.yparam)(yidc), TFR,

Error in ==> plotSelection at 343

??? Error while evaluating figure WindowButtonUpFcn

Is there any way to work around this (I already tried defining the y-
axis with cfg.ylim)?
Thanks a lot


Dipl. Psych. Julian Keil

University of Konstanz
Department of Psychology
P.O. Box D23
78457 Konstanz

Tel: ++49 - (0)7531 - 88 42 50
Fax: ++49 - (0)7531 - 88 28 91
Email: julian.keil at

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