megplanar for magnetometers

Stephan Moratti moratti at MED.UCM.ES
Tue May 19 14:28:37 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I would like to transform my magnetometer maps to a planargradiometer
representation (with BESA I can do that, but it would be nice to have it
in fieldtrip). I guess, simply using megplanar and combineplanar as it
is, would be incorrect, as this functions assume axial gradiameters. So,
I tried to change some code of megplanar (lines 281-287, method 'orig')
simply assuming that X2 Y2 and Z2 are equal to X,Y,Z in the case of

% get the positions of bottom and top coil
  X  = grad.pnt(:, 1);
  Y  = grad.pnt(:, 2);
  Z  = grad.pnt(:, 3);
  X2 = grad.pnt(:, 1);% + grad.ori(:,1);
  Y2 = grad.pnt(:, 2);% + grad.ori(:,2);
  Z2 = grad.pnt(:, 3);% + grad.ori(:,3);

Well, probably this is quite naive. Attached please find my results
(testplanar.tiff). testmagneto.tiff contains the original magnetic flux
map (magentometers). Can anybody figure out if this makes sense?

Thanks for any comments and help,


*Stephan Moratti, PhD/
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/*Centro de Tecnología Biomédica CBT,
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,

en la actualidad (currently at) en el
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