multisphere and CTF 3rd order gradients

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Thu Mar 26 18:01:57 CET 2009

Dear FieldTrip/CTF users,

I have extended the prepare_vol_sens function (which is a helper
function for sourceanalysis and dipolefitting) so that it can also
prepare multisphere ("local spheres") models in case the gradiometer
array is synthetically balanced (e.g. CTF 3rd gradients). The change
also required an update to the read_ctf_hdm function. The updates will
be available in the public release version of fieldtrip on the ftp
server this evening.

best regards,

PS at the moment it will not yet work for multisphere models created
using fieldtrip/prepare_localspheres, but only for the ones created
using the CTF software and stored in a *.hdm file.

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