Difference between tfr and wltconvol

Rodrigo A. Montefusco Siegmund rmontefusco at MED.UCHILE.CL
Wed Jun 3 22:19:58 CEST 2009

Dear FTers

I have (still) problems with my timelock statistic script. I tried to
develop a very simple analysis to prove all the posibilities, inclusive
doing all manually. But it continues with error messages. I'll copy my
code and de erros that apear when I ran it. I'm trying to compare one
subject in two diferent conditions.

cfg.channel     = 'all';
cfg.latency     = 'all';
cfg.avgoverchan = 'no';
cfg.avgovertime = 'yes';
cfg.parameter   = 'individual';
cfg.method      = 'analytic';
cfg.statistic   = 'depsamplesT';
cfg.alpha       = 0.05;
cfg.correctm    = 'bonferoni';

Nsub = 1;
cfg.design(1,1:2*Nsub)  = [ones(1,Nsub) 2*ones(1,Nsub)];
cfg.design(2,1:2*Nsub)  = [1:Nsub 1:Nsub];
cfg.ivar                = 1; % the 1st row in cfg.design contains the
independent variable
cfg.uvar                = 1; % the 2nd row in cfg.design contains the
subject number

[stat] = timelockstatistics(cfg, avg1, avg2);

actually is almost the same as in the tutorial.

the errors are...

??? Error using ==> statfun_depsamplesT at 81
Invalid specification of the design array.

Error in ==> statistics_analytic at 92
  [stat, cfg] = statfun(cfg, dat, design);

Error in ==> statistics_wrapper at 381
  [stat, cfg] = statmethod(cfg, dat, cfg.design);

Error in ==> timelockstatistics at 112
[stat] = statistics_wrapper(cfg, varargin{:});

Error in ==> ERPStatistics at 19
[stat] = timelockstatistics(cfg, avg1, avg2);

please help!

warm regards for all!


Rodrigo A. Montefusco Siegmund
Doctorado en Ciencias Biomédicas
Programa de Fisiología y Biofí­sica
I. C. B. M. Facultad de Medicina
Universidad de Chile
Fono: 56 09 82793847
email:  rmontefusco at med.uchile.cl

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