channel locations

peng wang prion.w at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 23 21:03:07 CEST 2009

Dear list members,

	I am a new user of fieldtrip. I have some data preprocessed by fieldtrip. I want to find the channel location information from the field 'grad' in the dataset after this procedure. The original channel number should be 303, but in this field , it looks like this:
	  pnt:  [597*3];
	  ori:  [597*3]; 
	  tra:  [303*597];
	label:  {303*1 cell}
	 unit:  'cm'
  balance:  {1*1 struct}

It seemed there were some transformations(303->597). How did this happen? How can I retrieve the real location information of the sensors?Thank you very much for help!


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