sourceinterpolation coordinates.

Hanneke Van Dijk Hanneke.vanDijk at MED.UNI-DUESSELDORF.DE
Fri Jul 10 16:08:37 CEST 2009

Dear all,

I have entered the next step: sourceanalysis. But I have encountered another problem, I think in sourceinterpolation or maybe volumenormalise. 

After running the script as I have described before (to make the headmodel and the grid) I do the following; 

load f %load frequency data
cfg                = [];
cfg.grid           = grid;
cfg.frequency      = 10;
cfg.vol            = hdm;
cfg.grad           = f.grad;
cfg.projectnoise   = 'yes';
cfg.lambda         = 5e-28;
cfg.method         = 'dics';       = 'textbar';

source = sourceanalysis(cfg,f);


sd = sourcedescriptives([],source);


load norm %normalized to MNI brain of single subject
sdint = sourceinterpolate([], sd , norm);
clear norm
%plotting the results
cfg.funparameter = 'avg.nai';
cfg.anaparameter = 'anatomy';
cfg.funcolormap  = 'jet';
cfg.method       = 'ortho';
cfg.projmethod   = 'nearest';
cfg.sphereradius = 20;
cfg.surffile     = 'surface_l4_both';

The result is attached to this email, the gird seems to have moved upwards and somewhat to the front relative to the normalised mri. But it seems to have the right size. I have been playing around with sourceunits mriunits x-y coordinates but nothing helps, or it makes it even worse.

Does anybody have an idea what's happening?

tel. +49 (0)211 81 13074

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