frequency resolution of the power spectrum

Martin Bleichner bleichner.martin at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jul 2 15:39:49 CEST 2009

Hi there,

this might be a stupid question. I probably miss something obvious.

I want to compute the power spectrum over a single trial (around 5 minutes).

using this piece of code
cfg        = [];
cfg.method = 'mtmfft';
cfg.output = 'pow';
cfg.foilim = [1 100];
cfg.taper  = 'hanning';
freq       = freqanalysis(cfg, data);

as a result I get
 freq: [1x62534 double]
powspctrm: [96x62534 double]

that is a frequency resolution of 0.0032Hz!? What determines the frequency
resolution here? What can I do to make it less fine grained?


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