Beamforming - filter dimensions

Christine Gruetzner christine.gruetzner at GOOGLEMAIL.COM
Wed Jul 1 17:19:29 CEST 2009

Dear All,

I'm using LCMV beamforming and I have a question regarding the
dimensions of the filter. We have two different configurations for
LCMV (see below) that result in one-dimensional filters (in the first
case) and three-dimensional filters (in the second case). It seems
that the only difference between the two configurations is the option
cfg.projectmom = 'yes' (in the first configuration) vs. cfg.projectmom
= 'no' (in the second configuration).

Do you have any idea what makes the difference and why I only get
one-dimensional filters in the first configuration? Which would be the
correct options to use?


configuration 1:
cfg = [];
    % replaced by:
    fullnameGrid = strcat(mripath, DesignLCMVSources{i,2});
    cfg = load(fullnameGrid);
    cfg.vol = cfg.hdm;

    %General source computation parameters
    cfg.method = 'lcmv';
    cfg.lambda = 0.05; % regularization of 0.5%
    cfg.powmethod = 'trace'; % compute rms power per dipolelocation
over all available directions = 'text';   % give feedback on the progress of the calculations
    cfg.keepfilter = 'yes';  % keep the beamformer filters (virtual
electrodes) for later use
    % cfg.singletrial = 'yes';
    cfg.keepmom = 'yes';
    cfg.projectmom = 'yes';
    cfg.keeptrial = 'yes';

    InFilename = strcat(datapath, DesignLCMVSources{i,1});
    load(InFilename); % a variable named TLDataOut must exist in the InFile
    DataLCMVIn = TLDataOutNew; clear TLDataOutNew; % for clarity of
code remove if too slow
    cfg.cov = DataLCMVIn.cov;

    DataLCMVOut = sourceanalysis(cfg, DataLCMVIn);
configuration 2:
        % cfgLCMV.frequency = ... % the bandwidth in LCMV comptations is
        % chosen in preprocessing (aka FreqLimits)
        % cfgLCMV.projectnoise='yes'; % ???
        cfgLCMV.lambda = DICSlambda ; % use the same as for DICS here
        cfgLCMV.powmethod  = 'trace';

        cfgLCMV.fixedori       = 'no';
        cfgLCMV.projectnoise   = 'no'; % these filters are for
computing virtual electrodes later
        cfgLCMV.projectmom     = 'no';

        % computation
        cfgLCMV.dim=[Nx Ny Nz]
        disp('running LCMV source analysis for common filters/virtual

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