Ploting using easycap64ch-avg

Ana Carolina ana.acsousa at GMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 26 12:07:39 CET 2009

Dear FieldTrip users,

I'm trying to plot EEG data using the easycap64ch-avg layout, but there
seems to be a problem with the coordinate values because when I see the
plot, the electrodes are not on the correct position. When I checked the
values of the layout I saw that the values of the two first columns are not
correct (I think), because if you think in all the electrodes that are in
the same line like 35, 20, 8, 2, 1, 5, 14, 43 and 46 they should have the
same value in the x- axis, but this doesn't happen.  So,  these and also all
the other electrodes have small deviations like for example electrode 36 are
not align whit the electrode 50 in y axis, etc. In this way I can't have a
symmetrical plot of the electrodes.
Does anybody have used this layout and have the same problem?

Thanks in advance!

Ana Carolina

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