Permutation tests for time-frequency representations: Within trial experiments

Martin Bleichner bleichner.martin at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 22 10:39:42 CET 2009

Hi there,

I want to compute the permutation tests for time-frequency representations:
within trial.
In the tutorial it it stated that i have to select equal length intervals.
'To perform this comparison by means of a permutation test, we have to
select equal-length non-overlapping time intervals in the baseline and the
activation period.'

However, my pre-stimulus and post-stimulus periods have a different length.
My baseline is only 500 msec, while the post stimulus period is 1.5 and I am
interested in the complete post-stimulus period.
Are there possibilities to use unequal intervals?
Would it make sense to split up the post stimulus period into 3 parts and
compute the statistics for each post stimulus period?



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