problem with brain vision data import?

Paolo Toffanin P.Toffanin at RUG.NL
Thu Aug 27 11:53:07 CEST 2009

Dear fieldtrippers,

I  tried to search the list archive to see if somebody has encountered
previously this problem but I was not successful, so if this issue has been
already treated please address me to the solution.

The problem is this. I'm loading into fieldtrip data recorded with brain vision
recorder (BVR). However, I've noticed that the scales are different (see the
attached pdf file), the one observed when exported from brain vision analyzer
(BVA) seems 'smaller' than the one imported directly from BVR. Why is that? Is
this a problem?

My hope is that I won't have to use BVA anymore, even if just to export the
data from there to matlab. Is this possible?

The code I've used to import the data is also attached. (Data were exported
from BVA as binary float 32)

I hope I'm just missing a preprocessing step, but I'm not sure, could you
please give me some indications?

Thank you very much,

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