help w/ sourceplot

Jim Li megjim1 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 8 08:59:54 CEST 2009

Dear Jan-Mathijs,

You're right: The "amp;"  shouldn't be there, it's just a random thing popped 
up during copying. 

I followed your recommendation to debug and, when crash happened, I got 

K>> param

param = 

     {}     {}    'anatomy'    'inside'

K>> i

i =


K>>  ['avg.' param{i}]
??? Error using ==> horzcat
The following error occurred converting from char to cell:
Error using ==> cell
Conversion to cell from char is not possible.


Apparently the "{}" is the source of error. 

Tracing further, I think the following two lines of code in "sourceplot.m" seems 
to be the source of error since they lead to the two "{}" in the above-
mentioned "param":
if ~isfield(cfg, 'funparameter'),        cfg.funparameter = [];             end
if ~isfield(cfg, 'maskparameter'),       cfg.maskparameter = [];            end

The "segmentedmriF" I used in "sourceplot(cfg,segmentedmriF)" is like this:
K>> segmentedmriF

segmentedmriF = 

          dim: [256 256 256]
    transform: [4x4 double]
         gray: [256x256x256 double]
        white: [256x256x256 double]
          csf: [256x256x256 double]
          cfg: [1x1 struct]
      anatomy: [256x256x256 uint16]

So, should the  'funparameter' and 'maskparameter' be  specified 
in "segmentedmriF" before running the sourceplot? If so, what should they be?

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