Do I need ECG channel to run "artifact_ecg"

Jim Li megjim1 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Apr 22 18:23:19 CEST 2009

Dear all,

W/ a 041809 Fieldtrip, I tried to run the following lines but got some error (see 
below). I don't have ECG channel in my data, that's why I use a left-most 
MEG channel w/ apparent cardiac interferences instead. Any suggestion how 
to fix the problem?

cfg                      = [];
cfg.trl                  = data.cfg.previous.trl;
cfg.dataset              = data.cfg.previous.dataset;
cfg.continuous            = 'yes' ;  = 'A229'; 
cfg.artfctdef.ecg.pretim = 0.25;
cfg.artfctdef.ecg.psttim = 0.5; 
cfg.artfctdef.ecg.method  = 'zvalue'; %peak-detection method
cfg.artfctdef.ecg.cutoff  = 3; %peak-threshold
[cfg, artifact]          = artifact_ecg(cfg);

current  zvalue threshold = 3.000
keep the current value (y/n) ?
??? Undefined function or variable "labelmlt".

Error in ==> channelselection at 344
if findmlt,        channel = [channel; labelmlt]; end

Error in ==> artifact_ecg at 238
sgn    = channelselection(artfctdef.inspect, hdr.label);

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