Ask for help :How can I read the weights file of SAM spatial filter?

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Sun Apr 12 06:03:11 CEST 2009

Dear fieldtripers,
    I want to read the SAM spatial filters of my MEG data recorded by CTF151 MEG system in a motor task. It seems the file in a ".svl.max.wts" format describe the "weights" information, but I can't read the out. And I found that there was a "read_ctf_coef.m" file in "eeglab plugins" which is copyrighted to Robert, can returns the spatial filter cofficients for CTF MEG system, and these cofficients were not read from a file but already existed. Is this "cofficients" and my weights the same thing?
    The description of function "read_ctf_coef" is as follows:
function [coef] = read_ctf_coef
% READ_CTF_COEF returns the spatial filter coefficients for the CTF MEG system
% that has been installed at the F.C. Donders Centre (id 1706)
% This function actually does not read the coefficients from a file, but the 
% coefficients themselves are included in this function.
% The original location of the coefficients included in this file is
% odin:/opt/ctf/hardware/M016/M017_1706.coef

% Copyright (C) 2003, Robert Oostenveld
     Best Wishes!
                                                                                         Weina LI


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