changed default reading functions for CTF

Tom Holroyd tomh at KURAGE.NIMH.NIH.GOV
Tue Sep 30 23:09:06 CEST 2008

On Wed, 2008-09-24 at 18:29 +0200, Robert Oostenveld wrote:
> The new default is to use p-files (i.e. precompiled matlab files)
> that have been contributed to fieldtrip/fileio by CTF. These new
> functions are not open source, but can be
> freely distributed. The advantage of the new functions is that they
> allow the use of synthetic gradients. See denoise_synthetic and the
> email exchange on this topic some time back.


Two questions. 1) We record data with 3rd gradient turned on by default.
That is, the MEG channels have already had the background noise
subtracted. So our datasets contain only balanced data. No further
processing is required. Does your code take care of this case? 2) Why is
the code closed source?

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