redefinetrial() probelm

Martin Bleichner bleichner.martin at GMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 3 10:48:13 CEST 2008

I am trying to do a 'Permutation tests for time-frequency representations: 
Within trial experiments' as described in the tutorial.

However, I run into problems using the command redefinetrial(). 
When I apply it to my preprocessed data I get the error message
	‘??? Error using ==> redefine trial at 112
	the trial definition is inconsistent with the data.’

This might be connected to the warning I get when I am using freqanalysis():
‘could not locate the trial definition ‘trl’ in the data structure’, however in this 
case the analysis runs through without further problems.  

I am using data that was preprocessed (re-referencing and epoching) in eeglab 
and than imported into fieldtrip using eeglab2fieldtrip(), and my data struct 
does not contain the ‘trl’ field. 

What could I do? I could also do my preprocessing and epoching in fieldtrip, but 
I could not figure out how to import my micromed (.trc) files into fieldtrip, so I 
always took the route via eeglab. 

Thanks for you help


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