Question about Preprocessing

李卫娜 lwn_07 at YAHOO.COM.CN
Tue Sep 2 10:16:30 CEST 2008


  I have a problem in "preprocessing". It seems that the option "cfg.removemcg"  has no effect in removing mcg.
  As descriped in the function "preprocessing":

    if strcmp(cfg.removemcg, 'yes')
    cfg = template_mcg(cfg);
    mcgchannel = channelselection(, hdr.label);
    mcgindx    = match_str(, mcgchannel);
    for i=1:length(mcgchannel)
      fprintf('removing mcg on channel %s\n', mcgchannel{i});
  But there is no such "template_mcg" in the toolbox.

  Do you have any suggestion on removing the ECG artifacts?



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