Missing dim filed after source analysis.

Michael Wibral michael.wibral at WEB.DE
Thu Oct 2 16:02:18 CEST 2008

Dear Listuser,

I am having a little problem with the beamformer (dics) tutorial. If I run first sourceanalysis on 'data' like this:

SourceDataSingleTrial=sourceanalysis(cfg, data)

applying precomputed filters to single trials (as in the tutorial) and then feed SourceDataSingleTrial to sourcestatistics like this:

SourceStats=sourceanalysis(cfg,SourceDataSingleTrial )

Then sourcestatistics complains about a missing filed 'dim'. I can fix this problem by creating the field SourceStats.dim by hand, giving the voxel conuts in each dimension [voxX voxY voxZ] and the code runs. However, the function might also need the number of trials or the like ???

Any idea what could be the reason for sourceanalysis not producing the dim field?


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