Marco SPERDUTI marco.sperduti at UPMC.FR
Mon Nov 24 10:26:40 CET 2008

Hi all,

i have a problem, each time i try to use freqanalysis i have these errors:

??? Undefined command/function 'mbrealvector'.

Error in ==> nearest at 20

Error in ==> freqanalysis_tfr at 203
   begsampl = nearest(indicvect,cfg.latency(1));

Error in ==> freqanalysis at 192
[freq] = feval(sprintf('freqanalysis_%s', lower(cfg.method)), cfg, data);

That's the command i use:

cfg              = [];
cfg.output       = 'pow';
cfg.method       = 'tfr';
cfg.foi          = 34:1:38;
cfg.waveletwidth  = 8
cfg.keeptrials    = 'yes'
TFRdata = freqanalysis(cfg, data);

any idea?


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