Greg Hooper gregstuarthooper at GMAIL.COM
Tue May 27 04:54:36 CEST 2008

Hi, I am new to Fieldtrip and trying to load Biosemi EEG data using
fileio-20080526 and also Fieldtrip. I am using  windows XP on a quad core

The header information reads fine, but
I get the following error message in Matlab when trying to use read_data

??? Error using ==> fileio-20080526\private\read_24bit
this function is implemented as mex file and is not available for this platform

Error in ==> fileio-20080526\private\read_biosemi_bdf at 237
      buf = read_24bit(filename, offset, epochlength);

Error in ==> read_data at 429
    dat = read_biosemi_bdf(filename, hdr, begsample, endsample, chanindx);

I have compiled the read_24bit.c as a mex file but this has not been successful

The code is

[hdr] = read_header('HHH_123.BDF'); % loads the header successfully
dat = read_data('HHH_123.BDF',hdr,1000,2000,12); % which is unsuccessful - I
read this as as loading 1000 data points from channel 12 - is this correct?

thankyou for any help


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