clusteranalysis inter-trial phase-locking

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen j.schoffelen at PSY.GLA.AC.UK
Wed Mar 5 11:08:49 CET 2008

Dear Eric and Stephan,

> I will not change clusterrandanalysis to accept fourierspctrm data. However,
> I may change freqstatistics (one of the successors of clusterrandanalysis)
> to accept fourierspctrm data (and supporting multitapers). This could be in
> the form of a small collaborative project.

Please note that freqstatistics accepts fourierspectra as an input,
but I am not sure whether the underlying statistics_wrapper.m
correctly deals with this. Moreover, you can code the tapers as a row
in your design-vector and specifying the row-number in cfg.wvar for
the correct resampling. You might want to have a look at
resampledesign for this. Provided this all works the only thing which
is needed is a proper statfun_xxx



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