Something Wrong in Trial Definition

李卫娜 lwn_07 at YAHOO.COM.CN
Tue Mar 18 08:24:05 CET 2008

Hi, everyone,

  There was something wrong when I use the fieldtrip function 'definetrial', or exectly 'read_fcdc_event'.
  I first got the basic information of my data by using function 'ctf_read', and it returned data which was orgnized as <1800*185*75 double>, that is , there were 75 trials in my data. But when I defined trial by using 'definetrial', (key parameters were configured as follows: cfg.trialdef.eventtype='frontpanel trigger' ; cfg.trialdef.prestim=1; cfg.trialdef.poststim=2;  cfg.trialdef.eventvalue=9 %(obtained from 'read_fcdc_event'); ), it showed 88 trials were defined. What's more, I found the trials defined by 'definetrial' were not consecutive.
  SO, I want to know what' s wrong with the processing or the fucntion?
  Thank you for your answer!
  Best wishes.

                                                                                           Li Weina


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