CTF275 coherence

Cristiano Micheli michelic72 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jun 26 12:42:18 CEST 2008

Thank you for the feedback
The coherence is ok. I attach the topography for coherence's peak. I took a
head model not corresponding to the subject to test the algorithm quickly.
This can be the matter. Anyway the single lead field should be influenced
only by head model center, not by its radius, if i am not wrong. The radius
defines only the grid i think. The particular case i consider has center (in
head coordinates) [0.9 0 4.3] cm. Can these shifts from the nominal position
[0 0 5] influence so much the result? Are there documents about it? About
errors depending on the conductor position? I'm trying now to simulate it
with surrogate data with corresponding gradiometers-head model relative
I really would like to keep the topic active


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