Significance test frequency power decrease baseline vs stimulation

Floris de Lange florisdelange at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jul 2 17:45:02 CEST 2008

Dear Thomas, Jan-Matthijs and others,

Related to the post of a few days ago (error message undefined data or class
data.biol), it looks like this problem has been discussed already before on
the list: see

I copy/paste the relevant bit below.

Best wishes,

On 13 Oct 2006, at 19:03, Marco Buiatti wrote:
> > ??? Undefined variable "data" or class "data.biol".
> >
> > Error in ==> fieldtrip-20061012/private/prepare_design at 92
> >  nrepl=size(data.biol,1);
> >
> > Error in ==> fieldtrip-20061012/private/statistics_wrapper at 212
> >  [cfg] = prepare_design(cfg);
> >
> > Error in ==> timelockstatistics at 50
> > [stat] = statistics_wrapper(cfg, varargin{:});
> Yep, that is a known problem (sorry about that). The function
> prepare_design is not working properly. I suggest to make a design
> matrix in by hand (similar to, but not completely the same
> as in SPM). It is not difficult, and it will also make you more clear
> how it works. Please have a look at
> A2=ind0607&L=FIELDTRIP&P=R3192&I=-3&X=77C04E25A87526C2B4
> or if that URL does not work, then search the fieldtrip discussion
> list archive for the string "".

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