FIELDTRIP Digest - 8 Jan 2008 to 9 Jan 2008 (#2008-5)

Tom Holroyd tomh at KURAGE.NIMH.NIH.GOV
Thu Jan 17 20:28:23 CET 2008

Thank you! That was very helpful.

I posted on the Octave list that I thought it was great that Octave 3.0
had gotten it right while Matlab had gotten it wrong. Of course now
Matlab is saying that a char is 16 bits, breaking old code. Normal
people introduce a wchar type to handle 16 bit characters. I hope the
Octave people do something sensible, like provide "broken matlab mode"
but leave 'char' as 8 bits by default.

On Thu, 2008-01-17 at 16:08 +0100, Hubert Preissl wrote:
> hi tom,
> the error is related to a change in char definition:
> hubert

Dr. Tom
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