non-uniform trial length

Nathan Weisz weisz at LYON.INSERM.FR
Fri Jan 11 11:54:06 CET 2008

Dear Marjin,

i don't know if it's useful for you but i adapted the freqbaseline  
function (attached).
using cfg.otherbl
you can pass on a freqanalysis another structure which will then be  
used to baseline-correct your freqanalysis structure of interest (see  
the help).

if you decide to test it, I would be interested if it works for you.
also I have a colleague who would also like to analyse rat data with  
Fieldtrip. I'd be interested in your opinion if its well-suited.

btw, for time-frequency stuff i have good experiences with  

all the best,

On 11.01.2008, at 10:22, Marijn van Wingerden wrote:

> Marijn van Wingerden

Dr. Nathan Weisz

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