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Sun Jan 6 18:40:59 CET 2008

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where to find the standardised montreal " average" mri in
ctf format? I see that there are some average mri's in the spm
toolbox(spm2\canonical) but these are .mnc files in spm coordinates. I have
two subjects without mris and have found that the localisation is much more
accurate if i use another subjects ctf mri than if i use the mri's provided
with spm (to produce the headmodel and for source interpolation).  The MEG
scanner used was a ctf machine so i thought that using a ctf mri average
would give the best result. I have been careful to ensure that the
coordinate system used both for the headmodel formation and for
interpolation has been defined appropriately for the type of mri being used
(eg cfg.coordinates = 'ctf'; or ='spm'). Any thoughts would be much

Also i cant seem to find the function beamformer_pcc.m which is called when
using sourceanalysis.m, cfg. method ='pcc'; knowledge of its whereabouts
would be  greatly received!

best wishes

tom gilbertson

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